The Massilly SAFE 3002 dud detector is an essential component for any high-speed food packaging line. It saves valuable time, prevents spoilage and is easily added to your current manufacturing process.

Safe 3002 Dud Detector


  • Flexible: adapts to many production line configurations
  • Reliable: waterproof stainless steel tripod design; easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance
  • Safe: built-in safety features that prevent injuries
  • Ability to distinguish no vacuum, low vacuum, cocked and damaged caps
  • Automatic air compressor rejection system
  • Uses non-contact and non-destructive test
  • Compact footprint for smaller production areas

Safe 3002 Dud Detector Features

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Machine & Operational Specifications

 Cap diameter     27 mm to 110 mm  Weight     60 kg (133 lbs)
 Jar diameter     20 mm to 190 mm  Length     600 mm (2')
 Jar height     40 mm to 300 mm  Width     850 mm (2' 10")
 Power Supply     220V  50/60 Hz  Height     2000 mm (6' 7") max
 Air Supply     6 bars or 88 PSI (max)