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Floor Cap Elevator

The floor cap elevator is designed to distribute the caps from an easily accessible floor level to the entry point of the capping machine. At over 1000 caps per minute, it will keep even the fastest capping machine supplied with caps.

Floor Cap Elevator
Floor Cap Elevator Features
Floor Cap Elevator Features

The Massilly floor cap elevator features heavy-duty stainless steel construction, variable speed drive, and pneumatic rejection of upside-down caps, and more.

The floor cap elevator is able to accommodate a wide variety of cap sizes in the range of 30mm to 110mm.

– The stainless steel static chute construction reduces change over time.

– A magnetic conveyor system.

– Fully customizable based on individual needs.


Quality is assured with the use of the Floor Cap Elevator. It provides you with 100% inspection of container vacuum levels so you can prevent duds from making it down the line.


You can use the statistics provided by the system to avoid poor product runs.


The stainless steel construction can stand up to tough processing plant environments, and the machine has a long lifetime.


Massilly’s Field Service Technicians fully support our Floor Cap Elevator.

How can I choose the right automatic capping machine for my needs?
Choosing the right automatic capping machine involves considering factors like your production volume, container and cap specifications, budget, and any specific requirements you may have. It is advisable to consult with a capping machine supplier or manufacturer who can guide you in selecting the most suitable machine for your application.
Can an automatic capping machine accommodate custom packaging requirements?
Yes, automatic capping machines can be customized to accommodate specific packaging requirements. This includes features such as adjustable torque settings, cap tightness control, and specialized handling mechanisms to suit unique container and cap designs.
Can an automatic capping machine handle different production volumes?
Yes, automatic capping machines are available in different models and configurations to cater to various production volumes. Whether you have a small-scale operation or a high-speed production line, there are machines available to meet your specific volume requirements.
What is the maintenance requirement for an automatic capping machine?
Regular maintenance is important to keep your automatic capping machine running smoothly. This typically involves routine cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of components. Some machines may require specific maintenance tasks like changing belts or replacing worn parts. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines for optimal performance.
Are all Capping Machines the same?
No, we have a wide range of machines that suit every customer's needs. Many are custom-built to your specifications.
Does the Machine produce steam?
No, the Capping Machine needs to be fed with steam. It is designed to distribute the steam to all the necessary locations to make a perfect seal. That includes steam to warm the caps and to flush the headspace.
Do I need a steam fed Capping Machine?
That depends on your product. A hot-filled product will pull a vacuum once cooled. A steam fed machine will pull a vacuum when the product is still hot. This will ensure that you have a well-sealed product prior to cooling.
How quickly can I get a Machine?
The standard lead time is 16 - 20 weeks. However, we do have some machines in stock, to a generic design which is suitable for most customers' needs.
What is the biggest difference between the Capping Machines?
The Capping Machines are sized based on maximum speed and automation. We have speeds from 10 Jars per minute in a manual operation to 500 Jars per minute with a fully automated setup.
What power connections do I need?
Each Capper needs electrical, steam, water, and compressed air connections. The electrical voltage can be customized to your requirements.
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