professional art department

Professional Art Department

professional art department

Our professional art department can assist you with creating a custom cap design by walking you through each stage of the design process, from concept to production. We work closely with your marketing team to ensure that your design and brand are represented on our closures Whatever your requirements, our art department is here to ensure that your custom artwork stands out on the shelf, and maintains your brand expectations

Cap Design & Production

The cap design process begins with an understanding of what product you are working with and how we can best assist in your process. From there we ensure that the interior of our closure is appropriately chosen to ensure shelf stable protection. Our art department will work with you on adapting your designs, imagery, and colours to the proper format to ensure it looks good on the finished product. We utilize the latest tools and equipment to monitor production and quality, thereby ensuring you receive an excellent product every time.

Our Team

Our team consists of graphic designers and technical coordinators who work together to help ensure that the closure meets your brand standards and provides you with a final product that is of the highest quality possible.


Unique designs to fit your product image.


We use the latest technology to ensure our product matches your standards


We work to make sure you get your products on time

  • Narrow Channel Closures
  • Deep Skirt Closures
  • Easy Grip Closures
  • Regular Panel Closure
  • Continuous Thread Closure
Narrow channel closures
Narrow Channel Closures

Narrow channel closures feature a “step” or ridge on the panel of the cap, and allows for easier stacking of jars

Sizes Available: 53 to 110 for RTS & RSB

Metal twist caps for PET jars and caps with PVCNI compound also available.

Deep skirt closures
Deep Skirt Closures

Deep skirt closures provide an excellent opportunity to add brand visibility to your packaging. The larger skirt area allows for more print or design that is visible to consumers on store shelves.

Metal twist caps for PET jars and caps with PVCNI compound also available.

Easy grip closures
Easy Grip Closures

Easy grip or fluted caps are available as an option on most closures, they feature ridges to facilitate easier opening of jars.

Metal twist caps for PET jars and caps with PVCNI compound also available.

Regular panel closure
Regular Panel Closure

Our most popular closure, regular panel closures feature a wide step and are available with or without safety buttons

Metal twist caps for PET jars and caps with PVCNI compound also available.

Continuous thread closures
Continuous Thread Closure

Continuous thread closures feature a tight seal using a non-interrupted thread which rotates down until the closure fits securely against the bottle or container.

Metal twist caps for PET jars and caps with PVCNI compound also available.

Can metal twist caps be used for hot-fill or high-temperature applications?
Yes, metal twist caps are suitable for hot-fill or high-temperature applications. They can withstand the heat and sealing pressures involved in processes like hot-filling or pasteurization. However, it is important to discuss your specific requirements with our team to ensure the caps are suitable for your particular application.
Are metal twist caps compatible with different bottle or jar sizes?
Metal twist caps can be manufactured to fit various bottle or jar sizes. Depending on your specific packaging needs, we can provide options for different cap diameters and heights to ensure a proper fit for your containers.
How can I ensure that the metal twist caps are compatible with my existing capping equipment?

To ensure compatibility with your existing capping equipment, it is recommended to provide us with details about your equipment specifications, such as the threading type, cap application method, and any other relevant information. This will help our team to guide you in selecting the appropriate metal twist caps that work seamlessly with your machinery.

What are the main parts of a cap where artwork can be placed?

Panel, Channel and Skirt

Parts of the Bottle Cap 1

The panel is the top of the cap available with or without a button. Most of our caps have a wide channel, where you can place text. Text is not recommended on a Narrow Channel. Narrow Channel caps allow for jars to be stacked on top of each other.

Parts of the Bottle Cap 2

Example of a Narrow Channel

Do you have a side profile of the cap?

Yes, side profiles are available on the dieline that can be requested from your Account Coordinator.

How do I submit a design?

Please contact your Account Coordinator to get a New Item Request filled out. Artwork may be submitted via email.

How do I approve my artwork?

After submitting your artwork, your artwork will be reviewed and a proof and 3D rendering will be created for you to approve on our “Share and Approve’ website.

How many colours can I use on our design?

4-6 colours is usually the max

What type of colours can I use on my cap?

Massilly uses the Pantone Formula Coated Guide:
What type of artwork files do you accept?

We use the latest Adobe Cloud version of Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and Acrobat and recommend vector graphics for reproduction.
We prefer outlined vector files with embedded images in an ai, eps or pdf format

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