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Massilly North America is a global manufacturer of metal closures for food jars servicing the food packaging industry. We are the Canadian subsidiary of the Massilly Group which was founded in 1911 in France. The Massilly Group is a family-owned company that has grown to become a leading supplier of metal packaging, including food cans, closures, decorative tins, and aerosol cans with 25 subsidiaries worldwide.

Massilly North America was established in 1996, in Mississauga, Ontario. In 2012, we moved to Brantford, Ontario to support our growing operations. Massilly offers our customers the capacity of a multinational company, with the service and responsiveness of a small family business.

Metal Caps Manufacturer in the USA & Canada


To be the safest, most efficient metal cap and litho factory in the world.


To preserve food and reduce waste.


We are dedicated to being the safest, most efficient metal cap and litho factory in the global supply chain. We operate with the highest integrity in our day to day operations. We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, ensure high quality packaging, and provide extreme customer service.

Our values are reflected in everything that we do.

Don’t do it if it isn’t safe
Quality of Work
Do it right - everytime
Be honest and ethical
Be polite, respectful and fair
Customer Focus
Delight your customers

Environmental Sustainability

 Environmental Sustainability

Steel is the most recycled material across North America. No other packaging material can compete in terms of sustainability and durability. Steel can be infinitely recycled without loss of quality, enabling the transition to the circular economy. Approximately 80% of all metal ever produced is still available for use. Recycling rates for metal are as high as 88% in North America.

Massilly has the highest environmental standards in order to reduce our impact on the environment. Our goal is to reduce our energy consumption, improve the management of our waste disposal, and evaluate our indirect environmental impact. We aim to improve the environmental footprint of our products with the use of fewer resources.

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 Environmental Sustainability

Massilly North America primarily focuses on manufacturing metal twist off closures for the North American market, as well as a full range of capping machinery and related services. The pillars of our success are the consistently high quality of our products and the service that we provide.

Our team of food processing experts provide support for our machinery as well as that of any manufacturer. We support our twist off closures and our customers processes. We can help support any issue in any food processing environment

Massilly Services is dedicated to customer service regarding capping machinery, metal twist caps and all capping-related issues. We can provide our clients with top-of-the-line equipment maintenance, and training services.

Our professional sales team can communicate capping machine specifications (speed, electrical supply, parts, etc.), give you sales brochures and literature, provide you with price quotes, as well as coordinate delivery of spare parts.

Our Art Department and technical team will work with you to design the best closure for your product, and ensure that it meets your brand standards.

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