Massilly North America sells all of our products and related services to our clients located in Canada, the USA, Mexico and South America. At Massilly, we specialize in expert customer service. We use our extensive knowledge in the food packaging industry to ensure that we provide you with the best closures and capping products to suit your facility’s needs, and the needs of your business. We ensure our closures are produced and delivered to your specifications anywhere in Canada and the US.

Massilly North America provides a variety of solutions for metal twist cap packaging needs. Our products include metal twist caps, vacuum capping machines, floor cap elevators, and dud detectors. We also offer our clients the option to create custom capping equipment as well as custom caps. We have the ability to manufacture capping machinery in any configuration or size you require.

Our sales and design team will help provide you with customized capping solutions in Canada and the USA. Our dedicated professionals can provide you with information regarding customized capping machines. Before we start production, our team will work with each individual client to help them design the perfect machine for their intended product, while also planning for their future. You can count on Massilly to deliver high-quality customer service and great attention to detail.

Customized capping services in canada

Massilly North America provides high-quality capping machines to companies throughout Canada. Contact us today to speak to one of our technicians!

Customized capping services in USA


Package your products with Massilly North America’s capping machine product line. We are available to ship and support your production across the USA.

Mexico & Carribbean

We accommodate companies across Mexico and the Caribbean as they create, expand, or improve their production line. Contact us to learn more.

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