• Selection of printed caps

    Twist Caps

    Service, quality and delivery are the hallmarks of our metal twist caps, with four different profiles to choose from.

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  • MY 2000 Steam Sealing Machine

    Capping Machines

    Massilly capping machines provide superior performance and durability, adding a valuable component to your production line.

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Massilly North America

Massilly North America Inc. provides Twist Caps, Easy Open Ends, Capping Machinery and related services. We serve the food and beverage industry and a variety of other packaging manufacturers throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico and South America. Massilly North America Inc. is a member of The Massilly Group, a leading global supplier of closures, food cans, decorative tins, and aerosol cans.

Our mission, to be the safest, most efficient metal cap and litho factory in the world, is also reflected in our core values, as we focus on superior quality and extreme customer service.