Floor Cap Elevator


  • Flexible: quick set up and change over; adapts to individual production requirements
  • Reliable: durable stainless steel construction; easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance
  • Safe: built-in safety features that prevent injuries
  • High speed operation that enhances your on-time production demands

Note: The floor cap elevator is supplied with the MY 2000 and Series 5000 sealing machines.

Floor Cap Elevator Specifications

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Machine & Operational Specifications


670 caps per minute

 Weight 250 kg (552 lbs)

 1. Left- or right-end feed

 2. Adjustable end feed height

 3. Custom connection chute

 4. Higher hopper capacity (7 to 8 boxes)

 Length 1120 mm (3' 5")
 Width 850 mm (2' 9")
 Height 3420 mm (11') max
 Caps Diameter 33 mm to 110 mm
 Speed regulator on electrical panel
 Capacity 4 boxes